Love story Vika and Mayo

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I contacted the "He&She Today" Dating Agency in the beginning of September 2013. And just in a month, in October, I met Mayo. I liked him at first sight – such a nice-looking, smiling and bright person he was.

We began to communicate, just a couple times a week first. The more time passed, the closer we became. We were dragged to each other like crazy, we wanted to spend all time together! Soon we couldn`t live a minute without our communication in chats, letters, phone calls – we used all ways to be together! I was incredibly happy to feel that Mayo was sincerely interested in my thoughts, ideas and life in general. He listened to my stories with great attention and all things about me truly inspired him to know even more! I felt that he longed for understanding me. I believe that this is one of the most profound and important things in relationships! And Mayo, in his turn, was surprised but pleased with the fact that we could discuss any topics without any taboos or offence. We didn`t have any secrets! And although English wasn`t the native language for both of us, we understood each other at a word. That was amazing, because our connection was beyond any language barrier!

Funny, but we managed to fall out and then make it up on-line during one evening))) However, to my mind, any normal relationships between a man and a woman mean tiffs, some small number of quarrels even. We are not the same, from different families and habits, and having conflicts of interests from time to time is okay. I believe that getting to know each other is an important gear of studying and understanding your soul mate, besides everyday searching for compromises. That`s what Mayo and I do)))

We were becoming closer and closer, and Mayo decided to make me or it`s better to say “us” a wonderful gift – to visit me on New Year`s holidays! That was my best holiday for the last ten years, that`s for sure! And it was the unforgettable week we spent together. It was the real ocean of warm emotions, sweet memories, cuddles and kisses …

Another amazing fact about Mayo – all my folks liked him, without exceptions! I can`t remember if there were any other admirers of mine whom my family met so warmly))) By the way, Mayo told me he wanted to meet my parents before he came to Odessa (which does great honor to him, if course).

The week passed, and Mayo returned home. We were forced to get back to online communication, it was very touching though. Soon we realized we missed the presence of each other, the warmth and tenderness we shared together. We started preparing for the next meeting! That time it was my turn to visit Mayo`s place.

I came to him on the eve of St. Valentine`s Day, because we decided to celebrate that truly our holiday together! The holiday began from the very morning, when Mayo woke me up with a bouquet of beautiful roses and a breakfast he brought to our bed! After the splendid morning, we went shopping and walked around the city, Mayo showed me the local sights and his favorite places, which was even more important to me, than museums and cafés. In the evening we had a perfect dinner together, we danced and enjoyed every second … I will never forget that day, the day when I felt all my dreams came true!

On March, 8 Mayo proposed to me! I was so happy! I`m home now and miss Mayo madly. He misses me, too … We dream together, plan our next meeting and future in our cozy house … And I`ve started learning the Dutch language)))

I`m so thankful to the agency that it showed me the world of dating online, made a photo session for me and helped to get to know people worldwide. I know – everything is possible when you have a desire!