Ramilla and Antonio’s story


Is there a friendship between a man and a woman? This is an eternal question.  An international one does exist which is proven with Ramilla and Antonio’s story. 
He is from the US, and she is from a sunny Odessa. He is a keen traveler; she runs a shop and is raising a 6-year-old son. They met online and struck up a friendship that has lasted more than a year. Since then, they communicate via Skype and phone. Tony made a huge surprise to the girl by coming to Odessa and congratulating her personally with her birthday.
Tony is a romantic nature. He likes a Ukrainian cuisine, culture, which is why before leaving, he organized a farewell dinner at the Ukrainian national restaurant with his other friends from Odessa. His friends are going to marry, so there’s one more reason for Tony to come. 
Tony’s hobby is traveling. Ramill is aware of all his trips. 
In Odessa, there is a special place that attracts Tony. It is a famous restaurant Fratelli. Antonio likes its main hall with a wood burning stove. She has already shown this nice place to Ramilla.
These people have great friendship ties and a mutual inter-cultural interest.