My Australian story


Reason №1 - Age. In CIS post-soviet countries not being married at 24 or not having a long-term relationship is a crime. The older generation and the younger one sticking to old standards think there’s something wrong with you. Girls like that excite pity and sympathy. I was never deprived of a male attention, but at my 24 years, I had a bad experience of failed relationships. I wanted to have a sort of love from heaven and something exotic, but not the one I saw in my life. So I was lucky enough to find love overseas.

 Reason №2. By the time of moving, I realized a horrific fact about my country (I was not taking the top-rated countries with a high level development and economic stability): people here do not live, they survive. Even the average wage in Bangladesh exceeds the salary in our country.

Conclusions: I wanted to live a better life, having confidence that my children will live, not exist.

Let's start with a guided tour to a country where I was planning to live with my husband. Australia! I stayed there for a month and, of course, the impressions were very pleasant. It was a tourist trip. I was not living yet in an Australian society. I have to say, as a conscious and a curious woman, I Googled and found out that Australian women are hairy, ugly, and unkempt. They are few. Australian men are beautiful, tall, financially secure, and family-oriented. That’s all I found.

Arrival. I remember my first day in the city center. That day I was on my heels, with a spectacular make-up, straightened hair, in a dress with a zipper (it was under way at that time). I was going around the city and suddenly I realized that people were staring at me.  It was like: "This girl is a little crazy; she must be right after a night club session”. This behavior is indecent, especially in full daylight. This is not Arcadia (the beach) in the summer Odessa, and not Khreshchatyk (the main street) in Kiev, and even my motto "Do not be like everyone else, bear its own style, and we Europeans know a lot about clothes and are always beautiful" did not stop me from buying flip-flops, a T-shirt, and colorful pants.

Geographically, Australia is located far away from Europe, so the brand name of Salvatore Ferragamo or even American Gap makes the Australian feel at a loss. Australians live in abundance and probably will never know how the Ukrainian pensioners live. According to statistics, they are the most often traveling people in the world.  So many Australians do not know where Russia or Ukraine is, and how many oceans there are on the planet. Most of them do not even graduate from universities. Many had trouble with the law at the age of 19-25. Women usually get married for the first time at the age of 35, and my friend had her first child at 40!