This is an amazing story of Svetlana from Odessa and Mike from London, entitled "England, I saw." Svetlana shares her impressions about the country, people, and life abroad.

“I am still waiting for my visa as a wife, but I have already had the chance to visit England. Here are some interesting facts I’d like to mention.

The British are friendly and well-educated. They are very proud of it. That's where the whole world took “Sirs” and “gentlemen”. They are very generous with "Excuse me", "I'm sorry, "please". They always give way. These are people who are easy to contact, always say compliments, and they have a good sense of humor. Their sarcasm is very similar to ours in Odessa. They are always ready to help out. I noticed that it is a sports nation: they all watch sports, especially football (of course) and rugby. I am talking about a man's attitude toward sports. Children also tend to be involved in something. In a word, they are big fans of rugby and football. The British drink a lot of beer. They are law-abiding and responsible. Here, good-neighborliness and respect for others, including on the road (I drive Mike’s car) are not empty words. I have noticed that they are sincere and compassionate.

Unusually, public places work up to 2:00 PM (most till 01:00); it all depends on the license. But I haven’t been able to accept this for a long time, especially if I was planning to play sometimes there (I play a musical instrument).

But I can say one thing: I still miss Odessa.  It is the South of the country and everything is slowed down there (I do not take into account our general atmosphere of chaos in the country, the lack of money, discrepancies in prices and wages, and a general distress).  My friends are trying to leave Ukraine! My husband, Mike, does his best to calm me. However, he sees and understands how I’m feeling.  He is supportive and caring. He thinks I should continue to do my hobby, and, if necessary, we should buy a home soundboard and a mixer. Also, he advises to train on vinyl and do my painting. This is what I’m going to do here, besides, my husband is open-minded”.