Larisa: It is not so cold in Norway

I have never planned to seek the dating service, but beautiful photo session bribed knowledge of English started and ended on the phrase ‘my name is Larisa’.
I became interesting for men and I have not even taken seriously their proposals to meet.
I admit, for the first time the team from the dating agency literally made me to go on a date with a man and it changed my outlook.... Since then I was not acquainted with men from my country...
I felt like a real woman when get acquainted with men from Western countries. We absolutely did not communicate on the network with my future husband, and the decision to see, we could say, was absolutely accidental. It was a casual dating.
From our first date in Ukraine we realized that we were made for each other and a month after he invited me to meet his family in Norway.... We are raising a wonderful daughter now and the love lives in our house.
By the way, it is not so cold in Norway in the winter , because it is big love in our family)))