Anechka: New life with my son

As often it happens in Ukraine, I divorced my husband just after a couple months as the birth of my child and for 2 years long I was raising my baby by myself. Just my mother helped me.
I got a job in a Dating Agency as interpreter and I posted my profile as well as time went by.
My life changed dramatically when John from Great Britain has contacted me. He took care of me like a gentleman about a year, his promises to take me and my son Timothy sounded unreal to me. It was hard to believe the man again. John was persistent and very kind to my son, which of course very bribed me.
Now we are a family living in Germany for the second year and I am grateful to John that he found me, loved me and was persistent in his desires. My husband John is the best of the husbands.
Thanks to the Agency that they supported me morally and insisted to take a chance and build a new life in another country, surrounded by new people.