"HESHEDATE" Dating with girls from Kharkov

Kharkov girls (Kharkiv in Ukrainian) are extremely proud of one thing: the city is the first capital of Ukraine. Actually, Kharkov is known for being the first in multiple things: a nuclear atom fission, the airport and the railway station construction, the first psychological magazine edition, etc. Kharkov is also famous for its girls. There a lot of universities in the city. So meeting Kharkov girls who are currently students is a quite widely spread phenomenon.

By the way, foreigners and missionaries assert they have never seen so many beautiful girls in one place. It’s been for 3 years Kharkov girls won a beauty contest “Miss Ukraine”. During a Ukrainian Striptease Championship, every female competitor had to represent her region. However, a jury picked 2 girls from Kharkov because they were perfect. The most beautiful little girl is from Kharkov. She is 11 years old, by the way. Scientists say Kharkov girls’ beauty is a genetic thing.

The 20th century formed the image of a modern Kharkov. Booming capitalism forced to build banks and apartment houses instead of mansions. People are wrong saying Kharkov is a gray city; modern architects come here specifically to look at the Kharkov Art in all its diversity. And Kharkov is a real reserve of constructivism, the avant-garde style of the 20s. There are entire neighborhoods, houses, and public buildings, built up in this style, which is the subject of art studies led by professionals from different countries. A jewel of the architecture of this era, a Gosprom building, is included in all architectural guides of the world.

Since that time Kharkov citizens keep up striving for healthy leadership, activity, vitality and awareness of their own capabilities to achieve the goal. This concerns the city’s womankind.

What are they like, Kharkov girls? Historians say due to 350 years of the city’s existence there’s a type of a Kharkov citizen, especially the one of a woman. Thus, girls in Kharkov are easy to come to an agreement and flexible. They are cool-minded, down-to-earth, and self-centered. At the same time, they are adventurous, romantic, and team players. So dating with Kharkov girls must be interesting and always intriguing.

The city is also multinational which explains Kharkov girls’ beauty (more than 20 communities). They are tolerant. They are overthinking and smart. These girls never make brusque decisions. Only a few know Kharkov gave 4 Nobel Prize laureates to the world. So it’s quite understandable why dating with Kharkov girls is not only a love affair but an intellectual challenge.