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 27 y.o.
ID: 471
Age:27 years
Live in:Kiev, Ukraine
Height:5'7" (170 cm)
Level of english:Intermediate
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I don’t want to swagger about my nice appearance or sweet smile, I just want notice that I have a kind heart, but about the rest you will understand after communication with me.
I love people and everything that was created by God, and love supports our life. We live with a target to come to love: wife/husband, kids and friends. And we were born with love to our parents, because we were conceived in love…so, for me it’s time to fall in love life long…


I have a healthy life-style and this is my interest, I go to the beach very often(even in winter I like to walk there), I dream of quite walks with my beloved one, holding hands…
Also I like to run on the hot hot sand which burns my feet and then to jump into the cool and fresh water.
I’m very glad that to be healthy is fashionable today, more and more ladies go to the fitness clubs or start to do some sport. Sport saves us not to be depressed and stressed, it’s very important nowadays, time of technology and information. Only healthy woman can give a healthy life to her kid!
I like animals, because they give us a lot! We drink their healthy milk, we use their wool etc we should be very thankful for that!

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