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 25 y.o.
ID: 445
Age:25 years
Live in:Kiev, Ukraine
Height:5'8" (173 cm)
Level of english:Intermediate
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I’m very positive and happy person and I would consider that my life is a gift for me and I have to do what my heart likes and what my mind and what my heart desires! As you are living only once in this world and you will never be able to return this moment back in your life! For this reason my best medicine is having a good mood, strong character in order to achieve my goals and determination in order to come very close to my goals and dreams! In my opinion, that without determination and strong desire for something you really passionate about in your life, you will never have a success! In my ordinary life, I’m a manager of modeling business and I love my job very much! As beauty and fashion is so close to my imaginative and creative mind and I would describe myself as a very creative person!


I’m interested in all the things connect with fashion, visage and beauty! What more, I belive,that in order to have a great and happy life you need to feel this happy energy from inner of your body and you have use this hot potential in correct direction! I adore travelling and it inspires me motivates me and taking new photos of the places where I go! I’m really fond of singing in karaoke and give the strength of my voice to others!

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