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 28 y.o.
ID: 398
Age:28 years
Live in:Odessa, Ukraine
Height:5'8" (172 cm)
Level of english:Intermediate
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Well, to tell you the truth, I always smile even though, I have some hard times or some difficulties, I simply share my smile and my happiness from my heart with the world in order to give it a piece of mean the most surprising fact, which I have noticed, that life helps and smiles in return to me. It’s important to keep in mind, that whenever anyone has offended me.I try to raise my soul so high that all the offences cannot reach it. As we are all wonderful creatures in this world, and appreciate yourself and others plays a key role in our life.


I’m really very interested in studying literature and I’m really into reading all kinds of books,owing to the fact, that being very patient person it requires a lot of efforts and in my opinion, it’s the key to success!

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