33 y.o.
ID: 371
Age:33 years
Live in:Kiev, Ukraine
Height:5'9" (175 cm)
Level of english:Intermediate
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First of all, I’m very determined and assertive person by my nature and my character and I always try to pull myself together and take actions over my dream and be dedicated to what I’m doing. Since my childhood, I know that If you work hard and you put all your power and your actions towards your dreams, so you will be rewarded with the best things in your life and take it easy, because God will be kind with you. I believe, that everything you can achieve in your life, If you are committed to what you are doing and If you are feel this great inspiration and desire! At the moment, you may ask me, where to find this source of motivation and desire? It’s an easy question, as it’s a constant work on your dreams and takes actions it’s obligatory and keeps thinking positively.


I’m really interested in fashion and new kids of clothes. I get started very early in the morning, because of the fact, that I’m an early bird who catches the best in the morning and it helps me in every my life’s aspects very much! For me, it’s really fantastic, when you are capable of working and at the same time love what are you doing. For me the best sport is meditation and jogging in the park and breathes fresh air! I’m really inspired by nature and beautiful trees, flowers and everything in this world. I try to live my life without nay regrets and take actions towards my dream every day!

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