25 y.o.
ID: 297
Age:25 years
Live in:Kiev, Ukraine
Height:5'5" (165 cm)
Level of english:Intermediate
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In this life all you need, in order to achieve your dreams and goals are PATIENCE! We have to be patient when we are learning, step by step, breathe by breathe! Babies crawl before they walk. And children walk before they run. We cannot do difficult tasks before we can do easy tasks! What about me and my personality, I was born in Sounio and I love my native town very much. At the moment, I’m studying in 2 universities and I’m working at the same time, because it’s amazing to work and study, you feel how your brain and how your body works the way you even couldn’t imagine! I would describe myself as a very hard-working and I’m peace-minded, as the world is our reality and every day we face a great amount of obstacles in our life. I’m very passionate about having a large family. I was working in America and in Poland.


I’m interested in progressing and working on myself, on my character and my personality day by day! Definitely, it’s not easy, but the mission of our human being on this world is to keep growing in all our life’s aspects. Failure, it can destroy you or it can make you so freak and mad, that you will work even harder to become the winner you know you are. I’m really into dancing, travelling and I’m playing the violin. As it makes our life brighter when you master a musical instrument, and make your inner world wonderful! Nobody is perfect, so get over the fear of being or doing everything perfectly.

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