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 22 y.o.
ID: 256
Age:22 years
Live in:Odessa, Ukraine
Height:5'3" (160 cm)
Level of english:Intermediate
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I am a lifelong learner. I am open to changes. I maintain a teachable posture.
I am also a good listener. People trust me because I am reliable and responsible. I’m always there for people who I care about.
I’m patient, loving, and supportive.
I like smiling and… smiles. I like making people laugh.
I’m funny and hilarious. I’m always in a good mood, ‘cause life is too short to be focused on bad things.


I like marathon running. I’m getting ready for quite some time to participate in my city’s marathon. So I get to know the date then plan a preparation scheme. And I get ready every day.
I like working out and climbing mountains. I like when it’s difficult physically. Don’t get me wrong, I just like sport.

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