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 22 y.o.
ID: 244
Age:22 years
Live in:Kiev, Ukraine
Height:5'6" (168 cm)
Level of english:Begginer
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My greatest treat is faithfulness. I am so not just to my man, but to my friends, my homeland etc. If the ship is sinking, I am the last to leave. I think it’s a biological imperative to be attached to somebody or something. Some people are afraid of that because they don’t want to get hurt. But knowing that I prefer to open my heart.
I’m open-minded. I’m always looking for something new, I mean some new activities.
I’m also kind and caring. I like making surprises for people I love and supporting them , being there all the time. Family, friends, colleagues are my highest priorities.


I like blogging: reading and writing. My top issues are relationships, career, love, dating, and success. Looks like I’m searching a recipe to be successful.
I like writing in blogs, I mean I don’t have mine, but I like writing in somebody’s blog my thoughts on some issues. My favorite blogs are celebs’ ones.

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