Qf0ya zivng


 28 y.o.
ID: 208
Age:28 years
Live in:Kiev, Ukraine
Height:5'9" (175 cm)
Level of english:Begginer
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Education is the most powerful weapon, which we can use to change the world. I totally agree with these wise words, as every person, including me, how are living in this world has something unique and special to offer our society and all of us have something really unique inside of yourself and its really essential to be professional person in what you are doing. After that, we can change the world by having this knowledge and we can really improve our quality of life together! Well, I’m very curious person, open-minded, honest, caring, and intelligent and I love nature very much, as for me it’s when you breathe fresh air, you get new power and strength in your character. At present, I have a new burning desire to finish the course of florists and one day I would be very happy to open my own shop! In general, I’m really very social person, I love flowers and I love cinema.


Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending! It seems to me, that nowadays a great deal of people really has this idea about procrastinating some important things, which they intend to, do today for tomorrow or after tomorrow. I believe, that it’s never too late to start change some of your habits and become more decisive person and like have a new period in your life! Why not today? Why tomorrow? Generally speaking, I really love pets and animals really something so lovely to have.

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