Jtdkbu xahq


 24 y.o.
ID: 192
Age:24 years
Live in:Kiev, Ukraine
Height:5'6" (167 cm)
Level of english:Begginer
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I am a student, who is still looking at the life with naïve eyes. I believe in wonders and mysterious stories, I do read horoscopes and I have never been told the future, but I would believe it if I was. I am very active, sometimes it feels like I have a really big amount of energy. I have many dreams about the future, like I dream to have my own family, I always wanted to have some relative people that I met myself and I have energy to work on relationship. I am quite optimistic about the future and something else that I should tell is that I am loyal and I prefer to keep working and solving the problem in relationships rather than break them if something doesn’t work.


I like music and I like learning to play instruments. For example, I used to learn how to play the harp. I really enjoy the sound of the instrument, but for now, I only remember how to play simple melodies. As I mentioned before I am interested in astrology and numerology, I also got some interest in palmistry. I don’t know why, it just attracts me. I also enjoy singing, I don’t sing much, but I enjoy spending time with my friends when we are out to the karaoke. I also like to guess the character of the person by their handwriting.

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