Never harass a women


Never harass women. Make sure the women you are dating with does not misinterpret your intentions. Try to be calm and do not touch her or comment her words inappropriately. Be open, caring, and clear. Avoid any dirty jokes. Women may want rude and brutal machos when reading a corresponding article in the girlish magazine, but in a real life, they search for a kind and attentive guy. Be the type of the guy all girls want. Follow more details on how to behave when dating with a Slavic girl.

Hereby you’ll find a bunch of tips on how to behave with a love interest girl when having a first date

1. Take small opportunities to show you are a gentleman. A courteous man looks confident. Stay positive and smile your lady. Do not giggle all the time, it can offend your lady and make her think that she is the target of your jokes. Look at the lady`s face, not her breast. She won`t stay near you if notices your gazing. Maintain a good eye contact without staring her out. If she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, show her your interest in her soul, not the body only. Be friendly. Every woman dreams to be a Goddess, but only Ukrainian ladies are genuine flowers, tender and sweet. Find one for you, but do not be assertive, because these flowers are too easy to break.

2. Make conversation. Again, don’t stare at other parts of her body. Keep the distance with your gestures and don't lean in too close.

3. Also, you should watch your tongue. Don’t use a bad language. Remember, women need protection. But first, she will feel if she can get it from your tone.

4. A foul mouth is a horrible thing. You’re supposed to be a gentleman. Speak clearly with a correct grammar and pronunciation. If you’re not good at carrying a conversation, you’re in trouble. At least, find a matter you can dwell on.

5. Avoid talking about issues that she might find unpleasant, intimidating, or embarrassing. Every woman wants to feel safe whoever a man is: a boss, a friend, or a partner. She is a sort of a person: “Hey, I always need protection because I am weak by my nature”.

6. A good advice will be the next: practice your posture! You need to have a good one. It speaks volume about your self-confidence. If you feel self-confident, a woman around you will feel the same.

7. When driving her at home, keep the car clean. Otherwise, the dirt shows somebody’s life is a mess. Cleanness shows her you’re stable and consistent. Remember, women are judgmental. Everything you do decodes the information she needs.

8. If you want to go further and initiate a physical contact, don’t be in a hurry and take it slow. Be courteous and help her with sitting at the table and then getting into the car. Look at her reaction. If she makes brusque movements, it’s a sign she is not ready to move forward. If it’s ok for her, you’ll see it.

9. If you ask a Slavic lady out on a date, offer to pay for dinner. She may split the bill in half on a mutual agreement, but it would be better if you pay for the entire thing. Again, safety. She needs to feel safe financially.

10. In Ukraine, women are abused financially. Often they take responsibility for financial problems of their men. Financial problems kill women because it’s not a woman’s calling to resolve them. She wants to feel safe in a cozy cave when her hunter-husband comes back with a fowl. This is how it meant to be. So show her she can lean on you financially. Not use you, but lean on, if there’s a case.

11. Don’t drink too much. Alcohol addiction is a national calamity in Ukraine. You never know what might be the situation in her family or her friends’ one. Unfortunately, this social phenomenon is widely spread in Slavic countries. Lots of families face it. Fathers drink mostly. So not to scare her, don’t drink too much. Sip a glass of wine.

If you are serious and really want to find the second half, these tips will definitely come at handy because they take into consideration the peculiarities of a Slavic woman mentality.