Attention! Shoes!


After doing a survey the men’s footwear brand Allen Edmonds found out that women judge man’s shoes twice as much as men judge women’s. Here’s some statistics: 64% of women judge a man’s fashion taste looking at their shoes; 52% say they judge a man’s personality by their shoes; 36% say shoes speak volume about the financial position, and 54% say footwear shows a man’s attention to details. Anyway, the conclusion is one: whatever is the reason, women are paying attention to your shoes! And you have to deal with it!

If you’re expecting for approval from a potential love interest, you’re risking losing it when they glance down to see a sad-looking pair of battered old winkle pickers. Hereby you’ll find a few useful tips to help you in your “perfect shoe search”.

1. Cover toes. Women’s toes are beautiful, but men’s… Uhhh! Women are sophisticated fine creatures by their nature. Men are meant to be strong. Toes are not the most attractive part of a human body. Avoid sandals and choose sneakers, boat shoes, loafers, etc.

2. Keep it in secret!

If your socks are white, people don’t need to see them. If they are colorful, funny printed, that’s stylish. But if your socks are shining of whiteness, don’t dazzle people showing you use “Tide” powder. Let your socks be tucked away.

3. Again, fit!

Boot leather doesn't really expand. Take time and make sure shoes fit you. If they don’t, ask another option from a salesperson.

However, if it’s not leather, any other tissue can expand. Take it into consideration when buying some boots!

4. You shoes and you belt must match.

Women used to have a Golden rule: wear shoes which match the purse! Now it’s not the case. Shoes may not match a purse at all! But for men, it’s forbidden. If you’re wearing black shoes, make sure your belt is black. Camel shoes and camel belt combo are so woman-approved.

5. “Replenish your armory” with shoes that will definitely impress ladies

Your sharp wardrobe needs to have brown leather brogues, oxfords, loafers, and lifestyle shoes. Let’s take a look.

Wishing to wear leather brogues, the best option is a traditional brown leather style complete with leather or rubber soles.

Saddle, kilties, wingtip are oxford shoes. It’s up to you to choose the convenient one. They have lots of varieties, but women will value it they see a sort of leather embroidery on your shoes. It means you have preferences and pay attention to details. They love that!

Loafers vary too. There are several varieties of them: moccasin, penny loafer, monk strap (buckle) tassel, etc. Middle- aged men should wear brown monk straps!

Lifestyle shoes can be trendy too. But make sure they are enough good for the first date

They match with cargo pants, wool slacks, khakis, or jeans. However, they're more convenient for parties or simply for everyday routine and non-athletic events.

As you see choosing the right shoes is a big deal! But it can be rewarding once you please your woman with them. Women do pay attention to what kind of shoes you wear and how you do it. They also outwatch if they are clean and well-maintained. We hope these tips will come at handy to every man who wants to conquer a Slavic woman’s heart!