Ukraine is not a penny country


There is a great misconception to assume that when coming to Ukraine any foreigner comes across with cheap prices. Cheap does not mean quality. This is especially true for the restaurant business and a real estate. 

As for the restaurants, it is important to understand that money is mostly invested in the creation of the interior and a cozy atmosphere. This is the way to attract customers. In the West, restaurants can have bare walls and cheap chairs. The author's cuisine is what matters. In Ukraine, the food is not worse, but the conditions for chef’s gourmet fantasies are less favorable due to the difficulties in the registration process within the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service. 

Let's talk about the accommodation. Before having all your adventures with your love interest, you need to solve your housing questions. According to one of the Statistics sites, the average price of one square meter of real estate in the USA is not much different from the real estate prices in the capital of Ukraine and Russia. Do not forget how these countries differ dramatically in terms of a life level and an income. This is in case you want to buy a house to be closer to your beloved one. 

Let's talk about rent. During the Euro 2012 Football Championship, representatives of the European countries often complained about the high cost of housing and food. Since then, Ukraine still cannot be called a country with cheap accommodation and food. Most budget property in Europe can cost much cheaper than in the Ukrainian capital. However, in this case, it is either a very small studio apartment, or an apartment and a house in the outskirts and less prestigious regions. The only but important advantage is an infrastructure. It is usually much better than in Kiev. If we compare the apartments' prices in Kiev and European capitals, of course, the European ones are much higher. 

Now let's talk about restaurants, where you’d like to spend time with your date. After the prices in Ukrainian restaurants being raised by 30%, then again up to 18% in 2015, they are still more reasonable than in European countries. Let's compare them. If you want to eat out in a nice restaurant, the average bill there is 30 $. It is relatively inexpensive. 

As for the hotels, the upmarket hotels price per night is about 500 $. You can rent a luxury property in the heart of the capital. It will be much cheaper - around 60 $.  

Despite being attributed to the country of the third world, Ukraine, however, shows another state of things.  

Therefore, a foreigner must take into consideration these nuances when planning a trip. 

And finally, it is important to understand the following: Slavic women, especially Russian or Ukrainian, are carriers of a certain mentality. This mentality is a product of numerous factors, including historical. 

For years, Slavic woman had to be strong, enterprising, and hard-working to support her family and even often a husband (after the war, there were lots of families with no husband at all, a fatherless hood phenomenon in Slavic families, etc.). This mentality of a warrior woman somehow passed down from generation to generation. After the fall of the communist regime in the post-Soviet space, a new type of movie came out: the one about American men, strong, brave and rich, ready to help and to save. Slavic women liked that fairy tale because they are tired of the way of life "a man in a skirt." Their compatriots who come from the same system, basically, cannot give it to them. Women are tired of working. They used to be housekeepers for so long. Past generations are still obsessed with work. A current one knows there’s another kind of life. It’ not about working, it’s about toiling as a slave. The West is pragmatic. But Slavic people still prefer to live in a fairy tale, albeit utopian, injured which the party. 

Therefore, for these girls, a foreigner is a prince on a white horse who will come from a rich kingdom (at least, richer than her own) and take her into his castle. They, in return, will give all the comfort and family happiness a Slavic soul is capable for. 

That’s why foreigners should understand that a woman thinks about his wallet when she is considering the meeting. But this is not malice: for her, you're just a prince from a distant kingdom, with whom she can dream of a fairy-tale future. Instead, she will really give all the warmth of a family comfort. 

Taking into consideration all these factors, a foreigner has all chances to be successfully ready for the trip to Ukraine or Russia and for the meeting with a Slavic woman.