How to avoid a big bill

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Problems with a big bill happen because of the lack of knowledge on how to get the advantage of all the opportunities in the most profitable way. In this section, we have already spoken about the fact that Ukraine is not a cheap country, but this does not mean that you have to break the bank. 

When a foreigner goes to another country, he may need someone who will be a sort of nurse or personal assistant for him. Then asking is his sacred duty. Asking questions about housing, restaurants, entertainment is a must for foreigners. 

The International Dating Service HeSheDate provides this kind of information for free within its extra services program. This professional go-between knows better than anyone the tastes of women and the restaurants with reasonable prices. 

This article presents some tips on how to avoid a huge bill in a restaurant, as well as for any other services needed abroad. 

1. Wonder about special offers. 

Sometimes you can be offered some kind of dish that is not included in the menu. You always have to know what you’re ordering as well as the price.

It also happens that special offers have discounts. 

Do not be lazy to ask the waiter about the dish of the day or special offers. It is a common practice when a specific dish from the menu can be offered as a free add-on. In many restaurants, there are also so-called "happy hours" with a discount on the bar menu, for example. 

2. Restaurants with the national food. 

Some restaurants are often cheaper than others, for example, in St. Petersburg in a Chinese or even Mexican restaurant a dinner will cost less than in others.  

3. Order a local cuisine

Sometimes (but, alas, not so often as we would like) dishes made from local, seasonal ingredients are cheaper than dishes with exotic ones. So the more ingredients are exotic, the higher is the cost of the dishes. 

For example, due to the recent Japanese restaurants invasion, it is cheaper to have lunch at a little Japanese cafe than in a unique Ukrainian restaurant.  

4. Try to order less drinks (tea, juice), since they are doing the maximum markup for restaurants. When selecting alcoholic beverages give preference to wine instead of cocktails. Wine is not only more useful than mojito, but also cheaper. 

By following these simple tips, you can avoid a huge bill after a meeting with the girl

But these are not all the tips we can give you because we clearly understand you need a mobile service and the Internet. 

5. Roam like a local by changing SIM cards. 

Using an international SIM card can be extremely expensive because of roaming charges and higher rates. Avoid it. Ukrainian mobile services are much cheaper than international ones. 

6. Use your carrier’s international roaming plan. 

Foreign carriers let you use your phone in their service areas because they have agreements with all major providers. Check it out! Some companies offer plans with discounted roaming rates abroad for a monthly fee (in the USA about 6$). 

7. Use Skype, Viber, WhatsApp for free calls and roam online. 

All you need is the Internet. No matter where you go in Ukraine, whether it's a cafe, a restaurant, a hotel or a gas station, almost everywhere you will find the Internet and it is free, which is problematic in Europe. Also, at home, you can have a high-speed internet for just $ 5 per month. 

Wherever you go, just make sure you’re quite good at passing from one Internet provider to another one, and it’s still free of charge! If you go downtown, you’ll find a true Internet paradise! 

And the last 2 things we want to share with you: 

8. Don’t stay in an expensive upmarket hotel. You can find a good studio, well-maintained, trendy, and less expensive. For example, an average price per night in a fashionable Ukrainian hotel is about 500$, while in a flat it’s about 60$ per night.  

9. Ask the Service to help you with a taxi, because when drivers figure out you’re a foreigner they will add extra 200% to the usual amount. All you have to do is to leave the trip information in the “Trip” section of the site and maybe your preferences and its managers will arrange everything you need with local prices. 

Following all these tips will definitely help you enjoy the trip and do not break the bank.