It’s easy to be gorgeous for your first date!


Before going on a date with a girl, pay attention to your nails. If you have dirty fingernails and frayed cuticles, forget about the meeting with the girl.

Slavic girls pay attention to the nails, shoes and teeth. Let's begin with nails.

If you cannot do a good manicure at home, in Ukraine, this service is $ 10. Appearing on a date with bad nails, you’ll be declared a taboo as a sexual partner. If they look disgusting, don’t even try to impress her. When touching her, make sure she won’t recoil. See, it simply shows you care or not about all aspects of your hygiene. It is proven, men are often convinced that anyone notices their nasty nails. But people, especially women, actually do pay attention to this small detail. Moreover, shaking hands with someone is often the first point of contact with people. Now try to imagine: what kind of the first impression would jagged edges and bleeding cuticles make?

You may surf the Internet and find tips on how to make a manicure on your own or you can turn to a professional. But what if you came to the country where your perfect match lives and still haven’t done it? You should ask the Service which arranges the meeting to help with the manicure by providing a professional at home or directing to a good saloon. We are not going to dwell on shoes– we have the whole article for that. Let’s talk about teeth. They are highly important for women. Single women say teeth are the most important asset on a prospective date. When judging a potential date, women rate teeth at the top. Straight, white teeth are crucial. According to surveys and studies, men ignore their physical health, especially oral one. But if you set up a purpose to find someone, you should take care of your teeth as soon as possible. By the way, there is good news for you. In Ukraine, especially in the capital and the regional centers, you can get the medical care with the use of western-style high-quality technologies and products at relatively low prices. For example, dentistry. After sending the electronic snapshot of the jaw of a painful tooth in order to create a complete picture of the disease, you can get a more detailed advice about whether to come to Ukraine to treat teeth. But more and more foreigners come here for this purpose. Why? This kind of service is cheaper and rich in quality. As a comparison, in the USA, one tooth implantation costs about 2000 USD, while in Ukraine it is from 350 to 750 USD. So if you can’t afford to care your teeth at home, come to Ukraine, do your job and go on a date!