Warning! Slavic women


1. If during a meeting a girl constantly looks into the phone or writes to someone, it is a sign of bad manners, contempt and lack of interest in you. If she is writing something in Instagram or social networks while you and an interpreter are trying to carry a conversation, you should know she is a shallow girl. Do not think that it is possible to have reliable relations with her. An exception may be some important calls. But she will explain what it is and will apologize for them.

If the next day, after the meeting, somebody from the Service calls you and says she liked you and she would like to continue the communication, you should not believe it. She has already shown you her true attitude on the first date.

2. If before ordering a woman discusses something with an interpreter and a waiter and then they immediately make an order, it’s a sign she is going to break the bank you’re your money. It decodes she is tactless and disrespectful. Therefore, it’s up to you to lead the conversation in a way you both discuss a menu. If you do not want to break the bank, order seasonal dishes, ask about special offers and order wine, not cocktails.

3. If a girl came in jeans, sneakers, she is not ready for a first date. You should know she looks at you as a walking wallet. If a woman is interested in a person, she simply makes efforts to look good and respectful.

4. If a woman drinks a lot, it's a sign that she likes to party and hang out often.

Compare what you know about her and how she's behaving at the meeting, and you will understand if she told the truth at all. You will realize if she is family-oriented as it is written in her profile.

5. Pay attention to what she says. If all she is talking about is her appearance, it’s a sign she is not smart and not knowledgeable. Perhaps all you can do with her is having sex.

Ask her about her life. If she says only bad things about everyone else, she won't think fondly of you after a while either.

6. Be on the lookout on how she treats others. Look at the way she treats waiters and the interpreter helping her to understand you. You need to find out if she is abusive or sensitive.

7. If she acts frivolously and unrestrainedly, she has no values. Ask her to be specific about her values. If she focuses on things that are purely shallow, like fame and wealth, chances are she won't stick it out through the bad time in life with anyone.

Ask her about her values in a way she does not feel like being asked with purpose.

Listen very closely when she speaks, because most people give away their personalities very quickly without realizing it.

The first date will speak volume about the girl you’re going to see. These simple tips will help you to understand the potential of your relationships.