A man wishing to impress a Slavic girl should have a clue how to dress. So dressing sharp is your responsibility and a half way to conquer her heart. Find hereby top 5 points how to dress well not to disappoint your woman on the first date. 

1. Shoeeessss!  

Here’s the thing. Slavic women pay attention to the shoes. First of all, they must be clean, not old and worn out. So the first tip ever is dress your footwear up! Women judge their potential partners by their shoes!  

Advice on shoes: buy quality without breaking the bank. If the classic leather boots cost a lot in your country, definitely in Ukraine the cost is less. Ask your friend or whoever helps you in the country to find good shoes before going to with a Slavic woman. You’ll see you’ll be rewarded for spending a couple of hours for find shoes which improve your general look and impress your date. 

We’re going to dwell more on “shoes” issue in our next articles. 

2. Forget everything you think you know. 

If you dress the way you dress, it means your knowledge of how to dress is awful. You don’t know how to dress. You need a personal assistant while shopping.  

At least you may surf the Internet and find the relevant information.  

The easiest thing is to ask for help the woman, better a Slavic one. She can give you some tips because she knows better than anybody how her countrywomen prefer men to dress. Ask somebody from the Dating Service you collaborate with!  

3. Dress to look younger or older considering your purpose.  

Remember: the way you dress is the way you are perceived. Don’t wear clothes screaming: “I am your grandpa, baby!” You should produce the impression of an experienced man, but not old. Forget about vast jeans and shirts.  

Jeans must be snug, but not tight. Don’t look as a hipster! Stick to classic clothing staples, and the color must be under way. It means not of 80-s when you finished a high school. A different shade of denim is a great idea. But a khaki pant is a bad luck. In this color, you will remind a soldier.  

What about shirts? Choose the henley one. The buttons on a collar say you have a sophisticated taste. But again, don’t overdo with inappropriate pants. Also, white and light blue cotton dress shirts are an integral part of a sharp wardrobe. They look solid. 

And the last thing – jackets! Leather, suede, cotton – she will appreciate a good material as well as its utility.  

So looking good is a great job!  

4. Take care of your clothing. 

Having expensive clothing is not enough! You need to keep them in a good shape. It shouldn’t be worn out, faded, and dirty. And it should smell good. It’s not about your perfume on it. Sometimes good expensive clothing smells like an ancient wet cave.  

You may get a few adjustments from a tailor, turning your suit into a dress wardrobe staple. Your clothing is your biggest investment while attracting a Slavic girl. Just because it is important for her. Make sure your investment is well cared about to produce good assets!  

5. Confidence. 

You need to put on clothes you feel confident in. Seriously, when dating a lady you need to feel you’re a gorgeous man ever. Why? Because she feels that too. She feels your intimidation as well as your confidence. Confidence means all your clothes fit you. The fit is the most important aspect of any article of clothing. No matter how great the style is, if it doesn't fit you, do not put it on. A good fit gives confidence and self-respect.  

Following these simple rules will help you to conquer a Slavic woman’s heart. She will appreciate the way you look. Believe or not – this is a half way in achieving the goal of your meeting with her!. 

“You are judged by appearance at first but by your mind later on”- this works in Ukraine very well….