Best places to go on a date with a Slavic woman in Kiev


They love comfort, romance, and warmth. Therefore, you should choose restaurants on top of a building with a beautiful view or with a terrace. It is also advisable to ask before a date what kind of cuisine your love interest likes. This translates to her you are friendly, helpful, caring, and you are interested in her opinion. It’s a well-known fact women like men taking into consideration their views.

Hereby you’ll find a list of places with nice views and a good food by which you will definitely make a good impression.

1. The “Concord" restaurant. This restaurant is located on the 8th floor of a prestigious business center in the heart of the capital. There you can taste the delicious French and Italian cuisine from an Italian Chef. In the truest sense of the word, you can see the whole city from its terrace.

The interior of the main hall is decorated in beige and black tones; one of the walls is decorated with bronze mirrors. On a summer area, the smart climate control system helps to smooth out the vagaries of the weather. The restaurant's menu is diverse: Japan, European, and Fusion.

2. “Terrace” is a restaurant-lounge, where the atmosphere of cordiality reigns. The concept of the food is exquisite: a fresh Ukrainian cuisine with the art of the European gastronomy. A special section of the menu is dedicated to dishes prepared on the eco - grill Molteni.

The highlight of the restaurant is a private garden with cozy terraces. A garden and a panoramic terrace on the roof is the perfect place to relax with friends! For a romantic dinner a table is served with the French author silver, and according to the tradition of the restaurant, candles are lit to highlight the sophisticated menu. When the weather permits, tables in a Rose Garden or beside the stream are highly recommended.

3. The restaurant «Cote d`Azur» at the hotel "Riviera"

In the hotel "Riviera" there are two restaurants: a summer terrace is located on the second floor, the restaurant «Cote d`Azur» is located on the seventh floor of the hotel, with a wonderful panoramic view of Podil and the Dnieper embankment. The menu includes traditional dishes of the Ukrainian and Russian cuisine and the Mediterranean cuisine. A distinctive advantage of the restaurant is its own pastry shop, which offers its visitors to taste a lot of amazing desserts.

4. The restaurant “Leo”.

The restaurant is divided into 7 separate rooms; in summer, it is especially popular among the guests to enjoy a summer terrace "Moroccan Patio" with the interior in an exotic oriental style. It offers a beautiful view of the Dnieper and the capital’s left bank. The food is mostly European and Japanese.

As it was mentioned above, a Slavic woman loves interesting views, a romantic interior, and coziness. Therefore, there’s a huge variety of cafes with an amazing inexpensive cuisine, exclusive pastries, and a wide range of drinks, etc.

Choosing a café it is also important to know her preferences. For example, in Kiev, there is «Yogorino» café where customers are offered a homemade ice cream and healthy, low-calorie sweets. What if your love interest looks after appearance so badly, so she does not want a hearty Italian cuisine, but some low-calorie dessert?

If she wants an Italian café, the best choice is "O'cafe". The menu features coffee ristretto, decaffeinato, latte, cappuccino, espresso and a strong range of other beverages, which can be ordered with marshmallow and marmalade made by hand. In addition, in the cafe a variety of homemade cakes, biscuits, croissants and other sweet treats are being cooked.

And finally, you can just ask where she would like to go. Giving a choice is also a good way to impress


The Dating Service sincerely hopes you’ll enjoy every single date you have with a beautiful Slavic woman.