Dating advice for men


So here’s the most widely spread advice for men.

1 Advice: don’t lie about who you are and what you are.

Men’s dignity is above all. But it must be truthful, realistic, and, let’s say, down-to-earth. Don’t impress in a way you won’t be able to impress any longer in the future. Bite on that! Women are checking out. Single women are really judgmental.

Status does always correspond to the intellectual level and the emotional maturity. So there are certain things which can expose you if you pretend to be who you’re not.

2 Advice: Smell well

Smell means the world for any women. It adds some value to you. A good perfume gives credits to you automatically. Make sure it’s not a cheap one because it will spoil the date. Don’t put it too much – don’t kill her!

3 Advice: Listen, just listen…

Show her you’re a good listener. Don’t hint to her you’re able to blow her mind in a bed on a first date. Show her you’re interested in HER. Let it be your strategy for the first date – let her speak up. As a result, you’re going to know the things she is interested in, worried about or keen on. Then go ahead! Go further as soon as you make a plan of how to conquer her.

4 Advice: Be intriguing, hot and elegant, attract and push away!

Women are used to thinking that the very first date it’s all up to you to work hard. Well, as a performer – yes! You need to play a little bit in order to intrigue her. You need to leave her with a patch of questions rather than with all the answers about yourself. She has to come home and rush to the computer in a crazy search of your account everywhere.

5 Advice: wear good shoes

Women adore good shoes and women like leather. Leather shoes look nicer, which codes to women that you are at least trying to. And now the most important advice about shoes – do not wear athletic shoes. Oh! It kills her. Otherwise, she will think “You’re poor, bad-mannered, have a bad taste and do not respect her as a woman”.

Make sure you buy stylish shoes for your potential dates. Stylish shoes speak volume! They make the man more mature and creates the impression you’re able to protect a woman physically.

6 Advice: Show her you’re reliable

Remember: unconsciously she seeks a father in a man. She needs somebody responsible and reliable she can lean on and trust. If you conquer her heart, the rest you’ll get without fighting.

A modern woman has to be strong in her everyday life. She cares, she battles, she argues, she negotiates, and she makes concessions. She needs to be weak. Of course, it’s a challenge for a first date, but small hints in every single gesture you do while accompanying her can show a lot.

7 Advice: somehow (again you can play) show her your honor (yes, honor) your mother

Oh! Her heart will be melted! Seriously! Every woman is convinced that the way you treat your mother is the way you’re going to treat her.

If you manage to show it, that’s a big shot. That’s a half-way to her heart. Besides, you’re showing you’re a family-oriented person and that a family is your priority. Even if it’s not, for a woman it’s important to know she is the one.

8 Advice: Be a little bit childish

Being childish is hot and sexy. It attracts. Let her know you’re tough in a business (whatever it is) but simple and soft like a candyfloss in relationships. This contrast gets you points, don’t’ even doubt.

A woman is a mother by nature. A child does not need to do anything to attract the mummy’s attention. He is cute and funny. Be cute and funny so the woman you date with would have an idea to eat your cheeks while you’re saying something. But don’t overdo it. Remember: the contrast matters!

9 Advice: Smile

Yeah! It works. She will see you’re open-hearted. And… It’s so sweet. If you take care of your teeth, obviously! Remember, all the gestures which she considers unintentional but stir emotions – they count.

A woman is an emotional creature. If you have dimples and you smile, you’ll get her! If you show you’re a tiger and a mouse, strong and shy, you’ll definitely get the second date! Of course, it’s not the only factor, but it affects so much! Again don’t overdo it! She might think you’re an idiot. A smile is a part of a strategy.

10 Advice: show her how you treat people.

Again, if you pretend it won’t work. But if you really treat people properly, respect them; show it to her, a little bit “using” waiters or any other people you face on your first date. Frankly speaking, she wants to make sure you’re a good person on a very first date. A women doesn’t have enough time in the world to figure out if a guy is worth her time. She pays attention to a few key things a man does on first dates that are tangible indicators if relationships go further.

Follow these simple 10 pieces of advice on how to behave on the first date and you’ll get your lady! You’re not far from planning June wedding!