How to look and behave like a gentleman on a first date


1. Be presentable. You need to wear the right clothes for the right occasion. If you want to look polite, then you need to understand when to show your style and when not to. Sometimes, too formal and formal look can play with you a reverse effect. A costume is not suitable for a walk to the grocery store, but it will be appropriate at the evening meeting at an expensive restaurant.

Even if you wear a T-shirt and jeans, make sure they are clean, and free of holes and sagging. Good fitting clothes can look very appropriate, even if it is not the official look like a suit and a tie.

Be a master of your own style. Looking closely to others, you will need to learn to create your own style. This will give you much more confidence than taking over from others.

Be cleanly. You will not seem courteous if your smell suggests that you do not bathe for weeks and do not brush your teeth. A good hygiene is the basis of the image, which makes it radiant.

Use cologne. This is an optional condition; it is all about the situation and the place where you go. For example, sprinkling a little cologne is appropriate before a date. But watch out: the smell shouldn’t be overwhelming; use very small amounts.

2. Behave politely. Be a gentleman. Another key point is to know how to be a gentleman. Do not push and do not meddle into other people's personal space, treat others with respect. Nothing seems to be more courteous than the person who knows how to treat people courteously.

Help others, not just the girl, around you. Demonstrate respect not just to the woman you’re with, but to everybody. Hold the door behind her. Help with the chair when sitting at the table. Let her choose the wine or any other drinks. Offer to walk her to the door or at least to the car. Help with a jacket. Respect is paramount.

3. Use a polite slang.

Increase your vocabulary. If you want to increase your level, learn new words, practice in the art of the speaker. A good vocabulary may be an indicator of wit and knowledge, which are extremely attractive qualities.

During the conversation the frequent use of slang is not recommended. Slang words are specific, and the good-natured polite conversation should not be too specific.

Make a polite conversation. It means “May I help you?” or ‘Would you like?” etc. She will appreciate it. Don’t talk to them with cheesy pick-up lines. It’s preferable to pick some tasteful, lighthearted flirting instead.

Avoid cursing at all costs. It’s rude. Don’t be vulgar and avoid swearing. Your look hhs to correspond to your behavior and attitude to her.

4. Speak naturally. Despite the fact that the possession of an advanced vocabulary can be a good feature, never deliberately try to show this. It will be weird if you try to use arcane words that are unusual for you. Instead, make a choice in favor of a refined form of communication, which is more natural for you.

Don’t talk too much about yourself. It is selfish. Ask her about her interests, family, and friends.

5. Be careful with the names of endearment. Endearing words can be very nice, but for many they may seem rude and condescending. Wait until your relationship with a person, especially a woman, become closer and more personal. Only then caressing words may be appropriate.

However, even after you got to know a girl well, you should be careful in the use of words of endearment. Try it once. If a person responds positively, you can continue to use the affectionate words. If the reaction is negative, then you should call this person by name.

6. Hold the course of the conversation. Being a good conversationalist means to be smart and keep yourself confidently. A guy who knows how to keep the conversation in a smooth manner may seem very intriguing than others.

Being a gentleman is an art. Slavic girls will appreciate the courtesy and will accept another ask on a date.