Interpreting on the first date


Firstly, she feels more comfortable. She does not know the man, and she is worried that she will do something wrong and will look awkward. This is due to the mentality of women and the historical factor. In Ukraine, women are still not as liberated as in Europe. Before going to bed with a man she needs to pass through several stages.

The first stage is the stage of getting acquaintance. She evaluates and looks if she can trust the man. She looks closely, estimates, and checks. After that, she concludes if she can let him come into her world. At this stage, the first impression is very important. Therefore, a man shouldn’t spoil anything. He needs to go on a date well prepared, armed with practical knowledge about Slavic girls.

The second stage is the stage where she entrusts something personal. She needs to see if she can really trust any secrets and problems. She will see if you offer help and if you want to participate. She will be looking if you’re a reliable and responsible person. Needless to say, a woman is unconsciously looking for a father in every male. Only on this stage she considers an intimacy in relationships.

The third stage is she fell in love and is ready to entrust not only the heart. She is ready for intimate relations. But the man here will have to take into account many other factors which are covered in previous articles. On this level, all things matter: his appearance and cleanliness, inner world and attitude to relationships.

In view of the above, it becomes clear why women feel more comfortable when she is accompanied by an interpreter on the first date. It is important to note that this is only for the first date. Once a lot of things are clear to her, she does not need him unless she is confused because of the language barrier.

Though socialism with its pure understanding of intersexual relations for a long time does not exist in our country for over 20 years, women are still in most cases modest. The transition to an intimate relationship does not pass quickly.

So, why does a girl need an interpreter on the first date?

Secondly, as we have already mentioned, the language barrier can be confusing. She would like to tell a lot about herself and ask lots of questions about a man, but the absence of an interpreter may even disappoint her about a person and she will lose any interest. On the first the most crucial thing is the first impression. Therefore, you need to know as much information as possible about how to behave on a first date with a Slavic girl.

Third, for her presence of another person, an interpreter, whom she trusts, can show how much you are helpful toward people. She wants to see how you treat others. He wants to identify some of your qualities of character.

As practice shows, the presence of an interpreter contributed to the relationships development. Women feel confident and optimistic about the potential love interest.