Lady’s hints for a man


First of all, men need to realize THERE ARE SIGNS, sort of hints women throw to attract men and let them know they want something. Here’s the thing – they really want men to guess, because it is a part of the romance. There’s a list of points below men should know.

1. Look what she wears on the first date.

The way she is dressed translates to you if she cares about the encounter. Her look speaks volume. Moreover, that will show if she respects the person she is having a date with.

If her look is presentable, she says: “I do respect you, but I want to go further”. She may look hot in a sophisticated pair of trousers or her best-fitting jeans. She even can choose a pair of pants that is a happy medium between too loose and too tight letting you know: “I deserve being treated properly, but don’t hesitate to ask more”.

2. The way she speaks out.

Are you doing the entire job? Or she participates. The communication is going on without pressure and you feel she’s ready to proceed? She gives hints in her voice and in a tone.

You found a common issue and she asks a lot of questions? That’s a good sign – she is interested. Is she asking something with “I’ll find out, I’ll let you know” potential?

If you got that stage, well done!

3. The sitting posture.

During the conversation is the woman leaning towards you most of the time? Then she is really excited to be with you. Furthermore, if your date took a relaxed posture staring into your eyes it means she feels comfortable around you and likes you.

4. Amazing similarities.

While communicating you find out you have so many things in common. Or… Aha-moment: she can strive for looking those similarities listening carefully what you say, just because she liked you. She gets excited you have common issues to discuss: movies, hobbies, and some other activities. She wants to dwell on it with you. So give it to her!

5. Smile.

A person who’s smitten by you is doomed to burst into a warm smile for no reason. If you’re saying something and your woman is listening to you with a giddy smile, you’re rock. If she continuously smiles to you, it’s a half way she is ready to introduce you to her mom. Seriously, having woman smiling means you got her. Now it’s up to your courtesy to evolve this state into something bigger.

6. Watch her tongue !

It’s not about swearing or some rude words. Just listen what she says closely. What is her “I will have nothing to do tomorrow…” helps you to say “Why don’t we go to the exhibition?”.

She casually can mention something she would love to do. For example, “I really want to see RWZ movie!” or “I’ve always wanted to try DEF restaurant!

She wants you to guess, remember? A woman in love affairs is not a straight person.

7. If she touches you…

If a woman while talking touches you, that’s definitely a good sign. Subtle touches speak volume. If she is not into you, why should she touch you actively?

The movement may look innocent and random, but a man should know: if she does it, you meet her expectations.

8. Stretching the date.

She may look for ways to stretch the date. How exactly?

- by finishing her dessert like a snail

- by ordering coffee after dessert

- by continuing the conversation even when all the bills are paid and the table cleared.

It means she doesn’t want the date to wind up. This is the sign she asks: “So? What do we do next?”

Also, you need to catch those lingering moments she tries to use to scratch the date.

9. Sexiness.

If your date wets her lips often while glancing at your face or your lips, it means she admits your first date can evolve into something intimate. You’re in a game. You got her, she got you. From this moment, you start feeling all your own body parts. Some of them draw your attention more than ever. This is what sexual attraction means – you become aware of your personal sexiness and your potential partner feels that.

10. The drive home

If she wants you to drive her home, that’s a good sign. It means she liked you and the date and she wants your relationships to proceed.

While in the car, she can still drop some subtle hints you should notice to be ready for the next couple dates till you can surely say: “That’s my girlfriend”.

If a man gets to recognize all those hints, he’ll definitely be a success in love affairs with Slavic girls! However, it’s a huge mind work. Don’t think a woman can be like a read book ever! The thing is to learn to understand the woman’s language, and then any “book” will be accessible for you!